• Built to rigging standards
  • Up-right load rating - design safety factor of 5:1
  • Up-side down load rating - design safety factor of 2:1
  • All-weather serialized product identification tag
  • Craftsmanship and materials warranty
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Made in the USA


Tuff Buckets are load rated rigging buckets used for lifting, hoisting, and transporting tools, equipment, and work supplies to service locations at heights. As a pioneer in rigging & lifting buckets, Tuff Bucket recognizes the importance of safety.

Load Ratings - A Higher Standard

Tuff Bucket products are very different from typical lifting & carrying buckets. Each and every product Tuff Bucket manufactures is engineered and performance tested to withstand 500% of its upright rated capacity without exhibiting signs of stress or failure. The closable top of each Tuff Bucket is load rated to contain the buckets payload, in the event that the bucket is tipped, or is turned upside-down. When properly applied, the Tuff Bucket closure will withstand 200% of the buckets rated capacity while upside-down.

True American Craftsmanship

Tuff Bucket believes that true American craftsmanship is not long gone, nor forgotten. Tuff Bucket products are manufactured right here in the USA. Our commitment to quality guarantees you will not find a higher quality or better built load-rated lifting bucket anywhere.

Tuff Bucket products protect both employees and equipment, making your worksite a safe and efficient environment.

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