• Built to rigging standards
  • Up-right load rating - design safety factor of 5:1
  • Up-side down load rating - design safety factor of 2:1
  • All-weather serialized product identification tag
  • Craftsmanship and materials warranty
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Made in the USA


Product Inspiration & Development

The product that is today known as a Tuff Bucket was created after a potentially deadly incident that took place at the top of a modern wind turbine. A technician was in the process of transitioning a load of tools from an internal owner hoist to a work platform when he lost control of a traditional canvas and leather utility bucket loaded with torque tooling and sockets. As the spilled tools scattered and plummeted 300 feet to the ground level, the two technicians working below scrambled for their lives. Within a short period of time, the first Tuff Bucket was created, making it possible to prevent the loss of tools and equipment when working at heights.

Start Up

Bryce & Elaine Merrick developed and began manufacturing Tuff Buckets in their garage in 2007. Commercial sales and production of the Tuff Bucket product line began in January of 2008 in Bruneau, Idaho. At that time, Karlette Merrick joined Tuff Bucket, bringing her textile experience to the company. Tuff Bucket immediately began to grow exponentially, as our product line began to resolve the challenges facing professionals working at height. Bryce’s professional field experience of working at height and crane work allows Tuff Bucket to remain connected to the demands of these professional tradesmen.

In the fall of 2010, Tuff Bucket relocated to a larger manufacturing facility to Twin Falls, Idaho to better serve its customers.


Tuff Bucket, Inc. is a 75% women owned, family business that is focused on producing and marketing load-rated lift buckets for work at height. The unique roll down closure of each Tuff Bucket allows the entire product line to be load rated both right side up and upside down.

Tuff Bucket is rapidly expanding its market share within renewable energy, nuclear energy, fossil fuel energy, gas and oil exploration, gas and oil refinement, construction, and general industry. Tuff Bucket is currently searching for Authorized Retailers to market and sell its products around the world.


  • General Industry
  • Heavy Construction
  • Gas & Oil Exploration
  • Oil Refinement
  • Wind Power
  • Hydro Power
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Fossil Fuel Energy
  • Power Utilities
  • Cinematography
  • Communications
  • Military Contractors