Bucket Features

Load-Rated Design

Tuff Bucket is committed to manufacturing a safe solution for overhead lifting. Each product
design manufactured by Tuff Bucket is rigorously load tested to a design factor of 5:1 in the
upright position, and 2:1 when upside down.

Serialized All-Weather Rigging Tag

Each Tuff Bucket product bears an all-weather, serialized rigging tag that lists the product
model, working load limits, material type of sling web used for rigging point / carry handle,
with product use instruction and warnings.

Reinforced Bottom

Each quality bucket starts with a structured bottom that will take the punishment of its
payload every time.

Grommet Reinforced Attachments

Tuff Bucket uses heavy duty grommets to reinforce the attachment of the Rigging Point /
Carry Handle to the body of each bucket.

Roll Down Closure

The roll down canvas closure on each Tuff Bucket is equivalent to the rating of the upright
capacity of the bucket. The load rating of the bucket closure is load rated at a design factor
of 2:1.

Nylon Webbing

Tuff Bucket uses 1” wide sling web spec webbing for all Rigging Points and Carry Handles.

Rigging Points / Carry Handles

All Tuff Bucket primary Rigging Points / Carry Handles are manufactured of 1” sling
webbing to ensure reliable control of the bucket.

Side Carry Handles

Select Tuff Bucket items have two Side Carry Handles to assist in ground transport. These
handles are not rated for rigging or overhead lifting, but makes lateral transportation very

D Ring Rigging Eye

All primary rigging points are equipped with a 1 ¼” steel rigging eye. This hardware meets
the 5:1 design ratio incorporated into all Tuff Bucket products.

Structured Opening with Steel Rim

Every round Tuff Bucket has a steel rim to provide strength and weight distribution.

Informative PDF on Tuff Bucket Construction - Tuff Bucket Anatomy