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The vinyl coated polyester (VCP) material of the TB-1322PV allows for easy clean-up of oil, grease, and natural cleaners that would otherwise saturate a canvas bucket. The VCP provides an exceptional abrasion and puncture resistant element.


Upright load rating: 150 lbs.
Closure load rating: 150 lbs.
Diameter: 13"
Height: 22"
Capacity: 2,919 cubic inches

Bucket Features

40 oz. Vinyl coated polyester (VCP) body
40 oz. Vinyl coated polyester (VCP) reinforced bottom
Serialized all-weather rigging tag
Grommet reinforced attachments
Roll-down ballistic nylon closure
1" Webbing closure with hook and loop
1" Web sling rigging point / Carry handle
1¼" D ring rigging eye
Structured opening with steel rim

Additional bucket feature details and pictures can be found under Quality.


This product is warranted against defects of manufacturing or materials for a period of 12 months following retail sale. Go to the Tuff Bucket Warranty for more details, and to access the Warranty Registration Form.