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The TB-1622PVR is manufactured with brilliant red 22 oz. vinyl to allow for quick and decisive identification of rescue equipment and emergency supplies. This bucket is manufactured using red vinyl with a 40 oz. black vinyl bottom material providing an exceptional abrasion resistant element.


Upright load rating: 200 lbs.
Closure load rating: 200 lbs.
Diameter: 16"
Height: 22"
Capacity: 4,421 cubic inches

Bucket Features

22 oz. Red vinyl coated polyester (VCP) body
40 oz. Vinyl coated polyester (VCP) reinforced bottom
Serialized all-weather rigging tag
Grommet reinforced attachments
Roll-down closure
1" Webbing closure
1" Web sling rigging point / Carry handle
1¼" D ring rigging eye
Structured opening with steel rim
Triple stitched

Additional bucket feature details and pictures can be found under Quality.


This product is warranted against defects of manufacturing or materials for a period of 12 months following retail sale. Go to the Tuff Bucket Warranty for more details, and to access the Warranty Registration Form.